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Sit - Relax During your Stay!!

It's our desire for you to enjoy your stay. Thank you for respecting our Strata By-laws and our personal rules of use.

No Smoking

Our Strata By-law requires "No Smoking, Vaping, Ripping, etc." in the building nor on the decks. A designated and sheltered area is set aside for smokers across the parking lot.


There is one designated parking space in the carport in front of our villa. Courtesy parking in other spots is allowed based on total occupancy - priority is given for one vehicle for each upper unit.


Approved pets should be on a leash on the property and leavings should be picked up and disposed promptly in the waste bin at the south end of the parking lot.

Quiet Hours

Strata By-law requires quiet hours between 11 pm and 7 am. We ask our guests to join us in being good neighbours.

Before you leave

Please sign our guest book.

Please return things to where you found them. (furniture and keys)

Please put your garbage in the dumpster at the south end of the parking lot.

Please wash and dry the bedding and towels you use. (Use sign to indicate clean laundry left in basket. Our professional cleaners will fold and reset everything.)

Please run the dishwasher when you leave. (Our professionals will unload it.)

There is a checklist to help you with the lockup details posted on the door.

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